PaShence Healthcare Solutions Meets The Precise Staffing Needs of HealthCare Providers

At PaShence Healthcare Solutions we know that for a healthcare system to operate at its best for patients, requires the right fit in staffing. Healthcare management is not an easy task and the vendors you trust for staffing must be counted on to provide the highest-quality employees. PaShence Healthcare Solutions is a medical employment agency with a passion for matching the “precise” staff member with the “precise” position.

As a Faith-based and family-owned medical staffing agency in Atlanta, our highest priority is finding team members that are the right fit for your needs. Our team is made of some of the best staffing professionals in Georgia.
Whether your hospital, medical office or lab’s need is daily staffing or a contract assignment of several months, we provide staffing solutions that are skilled, professional and reliable. Our nurses, therapists and techs can start as quickly as needed.

In addition, we are dedicated to the highest levels of professionalism, patient care and responsibility for both those we place, and our providers we place them with. We will never place someone in a position they are not equipped to handle.

Why PaShence Healthcare Solutions For Your Medical Staffing Needs?

At PaShence Healthcare Solutions, we know that no two healthcare providers are alike. We are diligent in our research and vetting process of candidates to assure that the ones we offer meet all Federal, Medical Industry and your Healthcare System’s needs. All applicants are carefully screened to assure they meet all certifications, licensing and educational parameters. In addition, we carefully screen for drug and criminal background history so that our healthcare providers can trust the people coming into their facilities.

Last, but most importantly, we choose only the best patient care advocates. Our staff are some of the best caregivers in the medical industry.

Healthcare Providers Can Rest Easy, PaShence Healthcare Solutions Is A Leader

PaShence Healthcare Solutions is a member of the Georgia Staffing Association. We work closely with healthcare professionals and healthcare providers to provide the best healthcare possible. With over 14 years as a medical staffing agency in Atlanta, we have built a reputation of trust and professionalism that can be counted on by the professionals we place and the professionals we place them with.

PaShence Healthcare Solutions offers experienced professionals for some of the region’s leading healthcare systems. Healthcare providers we staff for include:

  • Hospitals
  • Day Care Facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Hospices
  • Labs
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Private Medical Practices

Some of the positions we staff are:

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PaShence Healthcare Solutions offers healthcare providers, staffing solutions for both temporary and direct employment needs. Our staffing services are economical, efficient and vetted to meet all requirements of the positions we fill.

Ready for your precise staffing solution? Contact PaShence Healthcare Solutions at (470) 282-3985 or visit our current openings page to learn more about where you can help. A live representative is ready to assist you, so give us a call today!

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