Precise HC Solutions, Your Medical Staffing Agency in Atlanta, Shares 10 Ways to Create a Positive Work Environment

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Precise HC Solutions, Your Medical Staffing Agency in Atlanta, Shares 10 Ways to Create a Positive Work Environment

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Precise Healthcare Solutions, Your Medical Staffing Agency in Atlanta, Keeping The Team Together

Everyone wants and deserves a comfortable work environment, especially those in the medical field who have a passion to heal and comfort the injured and the sick. Precise Healthcare Solutions, Your Medical Staffing Agency in Atlanta, offers some tips for encouraging a positive working environment that keeps the team together.

According to a study conducted by Compdata Surveys, the average turnover in healthcare jobs jumped from 15.6% in 2010 to 20.6 in 2017. Organizations tried providing different initiatives (e.g. increased compensation, retention bonus, flex time, awards programs, etc.), but even these efforts couldn’t improve the situation. When everything else fails, having a strong, positive culture and work environment can save the day, claims the leading medical staffing agency in Atlanta.

10 Easy Ways to Create a Positive Work Environment

1.Be more compassionate. Your attitude toward your employees can significantly affect their work performance. According to a study published in the April 2012 issue of The Leadership Quarterly, which is a social science journal that aims to understand leadership as a phenomenon, remembering different types of employers activate different areas in the brain.

2. Show support. The aforementioned study showed that recalling experiences with supportive bosses trigger the area of the brain associated with positive emotions, while recalling experiences with unsympathetic and antagonistic bosses trigger the area of the brain associated with avoidance and other negative emotions. Being more compassionate in leadership can create a team that is compassionate with patients and coworkers.

3. Make them feel appreciated. Taking the effort to intentionally show appreciate can go a long way in your employees and in your personal habits. Having a sense of feeling appreciated can motivate your employees to work even harder. This is a habit that transcends the workplace, so being conscious about saying a simple thank you more often could lead to a happier workplace and overall life.

Medical Staffing Agency in Atlanta-hallway4. Invest in regular training programs. Keep medical and non-medical staff up to speed by investing in regular training and cross-training programs. Providing an opportunity for advancement is also a great way to show that their contribution is incredibly valued.

5. Show respect. Nurses work around the clock to care for patients and families. They are among the patients’ greatest advocate, but they unfortunately often believe they’re overworked and feel they don’t get their deserved respect. The U.S. experiences a high RN turnover rate, and a small shift in respect could change that in your workplace.

Don’t let your nurses feel undervalued. Small gestures such as asking for their feedback on important issues could make their perception of how they’re treated more positive.

6. Expect setbacks. Transforming a workplace into an overwhelmingly positive environment takes time. It is a continuous process that may take months or years to accomplish, so just keep working toward achieving your goal. You may encounter setbacks along the way but know to accept it as part of the process.

Medical Staffing Agency in Atlanta-environment7. Encourage positive social connections. As a medical staffing agency in Atlanta, we believe that a better work environment can be achieved by encouraging positive social relationship in the workplace. In fact, studies prove that encouraging positive social relationships at work can reduce the number of unexpected sick days, increase pain tolerance, and reduce the risk of depression among workers.

8. Don’t hesitate to help. Going out of your way to help your employees even if you don’t have to can create a lasting impression and foster loyalty. It can also develop a supportive work environment.

Encourage your employees to open, comfortable, and honest. You can do this by providing a clear line of communication, recognizing a job well done, showing your vulnerability, and staying true to your word. Building a culture of trust reduces stress, enhances productivity, and promotes empathy while increasing employee satisfaction and retention.

Medical Staffing Agency in Atlanta-laughing9. Know the importance of feedback. Nobody’s perfect. Make strides to give and take feedback constructively. If you’re the one giving feedback, do it in such a way that the receiver doesn’t feel criticized or scolded. If you are the one receiving the feedback, understand that the other person has an outside point-of-view and just wants the best for you. Always remember that feedback is never meant to be taken personally.

10. Have fun! A little laughter in the workplace can be a breather and may even make patients feel more at ease.

Precise Healthcare Solutions, Your Medical Staffing Agency in Atlanta: Creating a Positive Work Environment is Possible

At Precise Healthcare Solutions, we are committed to placing medical professionals in a role that best fits them. So, whenever you’re ready to take the next step in your career and make an impact in your field, don’t hesitate to Contact Us today at 866-878-5637. We have a live representative waiting to assist you.

Precise Healthcare Solutions is a family-owned medical staffing agency in Atlanta that aims to provide the best healthcare possible by placing valuable and qualified employees in the medical field.

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