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To be a nurse takes a strong-willed, fast-paced, and compassionate personality. RNs are incredibly important to the medical field because they have to stay stable and comfortable through difficult situations, which is why registered nurses are valued and needed. At PaShence Healthcare Solutions, we understand the importance of caring and hardworking nurses, which is why we partner with the area’s top providers to help put RNs to work. Through our RN job in Atlanta, GA, postings, we specialize in helping ICU, OR, ER, LTAC, and MED SURG/TELE registered nurses find work.

It takes a special RN to be a Bone Marrow Transplant nurse. Working closely with oncology physicians, the BMT nurse is a crucial part of the pre- and post-transplant care for patients. In high demand these RNs are often work beyond the normal nursing scope to assure critically ill patients and bone marrow donors are comfortable and have a positive outlook.

Cath Labs are one of the most crucial areas for heart patients in the hospital. RNs play an important role in not just the physical tasks of the cardiac catheterization lab (CCL) (assistance of cardiac catheterizations, valvuloplasties, and angioplasties) but, are invaluable in helping to guide patients through the process successfully.

RNs in ICU have to specialize in vital abilities such as wound care, head-to-toe assessments and documentation, and checking and recording vital signs – just to name a few responsibilities. An ICU nurse’s job is just about as important as any in the medical field. With partnerships with WellStar Health System, Northside Hospital, Southern Crescent Hospital, and many other providers, PaShence Healthcare Solutions is devoted to placing experienced and dedicated RNs in their ideal ICU job in Atlanta.

Throughout the different roles of an OR RN (pre-op RN, intra-op RN, post-op, or PACU RN), nurses in the operating room carry out important functions such as coordinating the use of supplies, monitoring and communicating patients’ condition and needs, and providing patients with age- and gender-specific needs. While maintaining safety standards, OR RNs are essential to the operating room, which is why we at PaShence Healthcare Solutions are passionate about filling OR RN job openings with qualified, experienced, and compassionate nurses who want to make a difference.

Emergency rooms are fast-paced and demanding, which is why ER nursing jobs require sharp decision makers who are gifted multi taskers and compassionate professionals. Working as an ER RN involves an ability to prioritize, a prompt apt to identify conditions, and an accurate ability to observe and collect data. The rapid and exacting environment of an ER is why PaShence Healthcare Solutions is seeking experienced nurses who are ready to fill ER RN jobs in Atlanta.

In addition to excelling in the requirements of the position, a nurse in long-term acute care must have strong relational skills and have a level of kindness that is well-suited for this work environment. This critical role involves assessing health problems, implementing nursing care plans, and displaying excellent judgment. If you’re an experienced LTAC nurse who’s ready to fill a spot in the field, connect with PaShence Healthcare Solutions. We team up with WellStar Health System, Northside Hospital, Southern Crescent Hospital, and many other providers so that you have ample opportunity to find your ideal LTAC job in Atlanta.

Medical-surgical RNs and telemetry RNs have to attend to multiple patients – who are often in critical condition, which requires regular monitoring. A medical-surgical nurse must be well-prepared in coordinating skills, identifying conditions, and strong communication abilities that always keep the entire medical staff informed – all while staying level headed. Telemetry nurses work in high-risk environments that require a knowledge of traditional nursing duties, proficiency in electrocardiogram equipment, and persistent monitoring of patients. For medical-surgical and telemetry RN jobs in Atlanta, turn to PaShence Healthcare Solutions for your best fit.

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PaShence Healthcare Solutions, which is a family-owned company, works with WellStar Health System, Northside Hospital, Select Medical hospitals, and many other providers to provide the staffing the medical field needs. If you’re ready to take the next step in your career by getting an RN job in Atlanta, reach out to PaShence Healthcare Solutions today at (470) 282-3985 or visit our current openings page to learn more about where you can help. A live representative is ready to assist you, so give us a call!

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