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Precise HC Solutions, Your Medical Staffing Agency in Atlanta, Shares 10 Ways to Create a Positive Work Environment
March 16, 2019
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May 25, 2019
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Precise HC, Your Atlanta Hospital Staffing Solutions Provider Offers Tips on Improving the Patient Experience


Contrary to what most people believe, the patient experience does not begin when you set foot on the doctor’s office nor end the moment you walk out of the door. It is definitely more than that. It is the sum of all the interactions between the healthcare system and the patient and it starts long before the patient visits the doctor’s office.

Why should you be concerned about patient experience and what can you do to enhance it? Here’s what a premiere Atlanta hospital staffing solutions provider has to say regarding the matter.

The Patient Experience: Why Should You Care?


In a nutshell, the patient experience determines how patients view your practice and their level of engagement with their own healthcare. Basically, you want patients who are actively engaged with the decision-making process regarding their own healthcare for a number of reasons.

· A positive patient experience helps build a more trusting and more lasting relationship between the patient and their healthcare provider. Thus, patients will not hesitate to consult their doctors when they have medical issues.

· It makes patients more willing to undergo routine tests and preventative treatments. Thus, serious medical issues can easily be avoided or resolved.

· Satisfied patients are more likely to recommend their healthcare provider’s services to their personal network.

Enhancing the Patient Experience: 3 Ways to Do It

If you want your patients to see you in a more favorable light, you need to provide one positive experience after another. You can’t expect everything to be perfect all the time so here are some useful suggestions from the leading Atlanta hospital staffing solutions provider on how to enhance the patient experience before, during, and after their visit.

Be more compassionate. Even a routine visit to the doctor’s clinic can make some people anxious so train your staff to be more caring and compassionate. Create programs that will enhance their interactions with the patients, especially when it comes to handling difficult situations, and train them to listen to the patients’ concerns. Avoid showing any signs of indifference (e.g. lack of eye contact, harsh speaking voices, dismissal of symptoms) since it can negatively affect the quality of care provided and derail your efforts of providing positive patient experience.


Pay attention to your environment. An aesthetically pleasing waiting room and office space can provide a more welcoming and calming environment. It can also affect the patients’ perception of the quality of care you provide. So, always keep your physical surroundings clean and clutter-free, use neutral colors (e.g. white, blue, light gray) for the walls, and invest in good seating. You can also use tastefully chosen artwork to brighten drab areas and provide books, magazines, and technology to keep patients engaged while waiting for their turn.

Walk in their shoes. If you want to provide a positive patient experience, try putting yourself in your patients’ shoes. Go to your website and book for an appointment or try parking in the patient parking lot to see how accessible it is for someone on crutches. Ask someone who is not familiar with your hospital to navigate the hallways to see if they can find their way around. Try to see things based on your patients’ perspective.

Atlanta Hospital Staffing Solutions Provider: Your Partner in Providing Positive Patient Experience

Precise Healthcare Solutions is a family-owned medical staffing agency in Atlanta that aims to provide the best healthcare possible by placing valuable and qualified employees in the medical field. We believe that we can make a difference and help enhance the patient experience by placing medical professionals in a role that best fits their credentials and personalities. Are you ready to take the next step? Contact Us today at 866-878-5637. Our live representatives are waiting to assist you.

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