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Let Us Find the Precise Physical Therapy Position For You

Physical therapy is critical for patients recovering from an injury or traumatic illness. Having a knowledgeable physical therapist can literally mean the difference between a life of dependence and freedom. At PaShence Healthcare Solutions we strive to place in-demand physical therapists with the healthcare providers that need them.

We Offer Physical Therapy and Other Medical Employment

At PaShence Healthcare Solutions, we know the commitment of time and money it took to get you where you are in your physical therapist career. It is this commitment that pushes us to find you the perfect physical therapy placement some of the best healthcare providers in the South. Our staffing relationships include: WellStar Health System, Northside Hospital, Select Medical hospitals, and many other providers. In addition, we also offer a competitive physical therapist salary as well as referral bonuses and the opportunity to work at several facilities.

For those seeking employment in areas other than Physical Therapy. We also offer placement for those in other medical areas:

The PaShence Healthcare Solutions Knows Physical Therapists’ Needs

PaShence Healthcare Solutions is a medical employment agency with a passion for matching the “precise” worker with the “precise” position. Our team is made of some of the best staffing professionals in Georgia. We are dedicated to the highest levels of professionalism and responsibility for both those we place, and our providers we place them with. We will never place someone in a position they are not equipped to handle.

PaShence Healthcare Solutions offers experienced professionals the best opportunities for placement. For physical therapists these include:

  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Nursing Homes
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Private Medical Practices

Our Medical Staffing Agency in Atlanta Has Your Right Fit

At PaShence Healthcare Solutions, we understand the importance of placing someone who is a qualified, experienced and skilled physical therapist. But, we also know the importance of feeling safe, secure and appreciated on the job. A happy employee will perform better and offer the best patient care.

Why PaShence Healthcare Solutions For Physical Therapists?

As a Faith-based and family-owned medical staffing agency in Atlanta, our highest priority is finding you the right fit in the physical therapy field. Not all programs are alike, so we will go out of our way to assure we place you with a reputable healthcare provider that matches your ideals, personality and skill set.

PaShence Healthcare Solutions is a member of the Georgia Staffing Association. We work closely with healthcare professionals and healthcare providers to provide the best healthcare possible. With over 14 years as a medical staffing agency in Atlanta, we have built a reputation of trust and professionalism that can be counted on by the professionals we place and the professionals we place them with.

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