Is Your Nursing Home Staffing Recruitment Attracting Attention?

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May 25, 2019
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Is Your Nursing Home Staffing Recruitment Attracting Attention?

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Gaining Attention Through Marketing for Your Nursing Home

With the tough competition and even tougher workload involved in running a nursing home, promoting it to the right audience can be an overwhelming task that many underestimate. Your service exists to help people, but how can they get the care they need if you’re isn’t gaining the attention of top professionals? From the staff here at Precise Healthcare Solutions, a nursing home staffing agency in Atlanta, here are some practical and creative marketing ideas that can help you achieve your goal.

5 Marketing Ideas for Nursing Home Staffing Agencies

1. Embrace your uniqueness

What do you offer that other nursing homes don’t? You have an opportunity to stand out from the crowd by identifying and embracing what makes your nursing home different, highlighting the one-of-a-kind reasons why professionals should choose you over the others. Keep in mind that the right branding can help you create awareness, develop a stellar reputation, and attract the right audience.

Nursing Home Staffing Agency Atlanta_Online Presence2. Create a strong online presence

You have unused or underutilized real estate waiting for you on the world wide web. When seeking to fill positions, not having a website can put you at a great disadvantage. So, if you’ve been dragging your heels about the idea of getting a website, you’re letting the competition gain the upper hand. Additionally, having an outdated company website or one that evidently lacks branding can also be a setback.

To ensure good results, you need to update and optimize your company website. As an added bonus, a frequently updated blog filled with current job listings as well as informative and entertaining content can establish your credibility in your industry while driving more traffic to your website.

3. Make social media work for you

Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn can expand your reach and help you build a stronger relationship with your target audience. Do you shy away from using these platforms since they require a huge time commitment? Well, it’s time to reconsider your decision. After all, you can use a variety of free online tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to make this task easier.

Nursing Home Staffing Agency Atlanta_Networking4. Try referral marketing

Reach out and seek referrals from various organizations that are rooted in the community you’re aiming to capture. Being a well-known brand in the community will help your audience to recognize you, trust you, and ultimately choose you over the competition. Professional networking can help put you in front of the most qualified leads for the positions you need to be filled.

5. Do not underestimate the power of direct marketing

We may now be living in the digital age, but don’t forget that direct marketing techniques still work. So, don’t put your sales collateral, educational materials, promotional products, mailers, and sales letters on the back shelf yet. They can still work wonders!

Need More Attention to Your Nursing Home Business? Let Our Nursing Home Staffing Agency in Atlanta Help

You’re doing great work with your nursing home, and we want to help you continue that. With a pool of qualified professionals, Precise Healthcare Solutions is your answer. We are a family-owned nursing home staffing agency in Atlanta that aims to provide the best healthcare possible by placing valuable and qualified employees in the medical field. We believe that we can make a difference and help enhance the patient experience by placing medical professionals in a role that best fits their credentials and personalities.

Are you ready to take the next step in growing your nursing home business? Contact us today at 877-898-7930. Our live representatives are waiting to assist you.

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