Healthcare Staffing Solutions’ Top 10 Most Requested Professionals

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January 22, 2019
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Healthcare Staffing Solutions’ Top 10 Most Requested Professionals


Facilities Seek Healthcare Staffing Solutions, Filling Needs

The healthcare industry is a necessity in our society, which is why those who enter this field will always be in demand. As our staff works closely with healthcare facilities that seek healthcare staffing solutions, the team here at Precise Healthcare Solutions is here to talk about the top 10 most requested positions in the industry. Though each role plays a crucial role in healthcare, below is a list of the most requested positions.

Top 10 Requested Professionals For Healthcare Staffing Solutions

1. Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists are always in high demand because they specialize in guiding their patients through recovery to help them excel at and engage in everyday life. Through promoting general wellness, rehabilitation, and habilitation, occupational therapists are incredibly valuable because they use creative and applicable methods to improve the day-to-day lives of those in recovery or often times those who have a disability. The approaches of occupational therapists are based on the goals and needs of the individual, which can be achieved through thoughtful and out-of-the-box methods. Because of the empathetic and creative needs of this position, occupational therapists are in high demand.

2. Respiratory Therapist

This is a job that involves caring for those who have trouble breathing. Examples of patients include people with asthma or emphysema or patients who have suffered from a heart attack, stroke, shock, or drowning. Patients who have trouble breathing due to an illness or an emergency require professional care, which is why respiratory therapists are in such high demand. Respiratory therapists specialize in examining breathing, developing treatment plans, performing diagnostic tests, treating patients, and monitoring patients. These practices are vital to the patients and to the function of healthcare facilities, which is why respiratory therapists are highly requested for healthcare staffing solutions.

Healthcare-Staffing-Solutions-PT3. Physical Therapists

Though physical therapists are seemingly easy to come by, they are constantly requested by healthcare facilities because the work they do is so incredibly important and constantly in high demand. Physical therapists are skilled at evaluating the source of the problem a method for recovery. This job is vital to those who need post-op rehab and also for injury or potentially surgery prevention. Physical therapists are essential to many healthcare organizations around the country, which is why they are frequently requested.

4. Bone Marrow Transplant Nurses

Through either the allogeneic procedure or through autografting, bone marrow transplant nurses play a crucial part of the pre- and post-transplant care for patients. BMT RNs often work beyond the normal nursing scope to assure critically ill patients and bone marrow donors are comfortable and maintain a positive outlook. Given that this position takes an incredible amount of skill, knowledge, and consideration, quality and apt candidates to be BMT RNs can be hard to come by. Since bone marrow transplant nurses can be rare, they are highly requested and are consistently in high demand.

5. Cath Lab Nurses

Through assisting physicians throughout the procedure, cath lab nurses are responsible for essential functions such as checking a patient’s vital signs, oxygen levels, and heart rhythm – all prior to when the physician examines the patient. Cath lab nurses hold similar responsibilities during the procedure and are tasked with administering medications, updating the patient’s chart, and identifying any side effects following the procedure. For these reasons, cath lab nurses are frequently requested.

6. ICU Nurses

RNs in the ICU are important as they keep a close watch on the condition of patients to closely monitor whether the patient has sudden or gradual changes in their condition, which might necessitate emergency intervention. Since ICU nurses work with patients who require frequent updates and monitoring due to their life-threatening conditions, ICU nurses play an impactful role in the healthcare field. While not only essential to the function of a healthcare facility, ICU nurses sometimes hold the responsibility of communicating with families concerning end-of-life decisions. As dealing with life-threatening issues is incredibly impactful in any regard, ICU nurses are continually in high demand.

Healthcare-Staffing-Solutions-OR-Nurse7. OR Nurses

Operating room nurses are responsible for providing care for patients before, during, and after surgery. OR nurses are patient, knowledgeable, and quick thinkers. Since OR nurses are essential to many healthcare facilities, they are frequently requested positions among healthcare facilities.

8. ER Nurses

Emergency nurses work with patients who are in critical care, making this position among the most important in the industry. ER nurses have to stay composed while working in a fast-paced environment. Every position in the emergency room is vital to every patient. Healthcare facilities are in constant need of ER nurses because this role is imperative to the everyday function of an ER.

9. LTAC Nurses

Long-term acute care nurses are responsible for taking care for patients who are required for extended medical stays. While patients might generally be those with outstanding injuries or elderly patients, LTAC nurses are frequently requested because they play an important role in several healthcare facilities such as nursing home facilities. LTAC nurses are skilled at monitoring patients, administering medications, and keeping detailed records of patients.

10. Medical-Surgical And Telemetry Nurses

Med-surg nurses and tele RNs have to attend to multiple patients. Patients are often in critical condition, which requires regular monitoring. These RNs must have strong communication skills, have an apt to identify conditions, and stay level-headed during critical moments. Due to the high-risk environments they work in, med-surg and tele RNs are in high demand as healthcare facilities require well-trained, experienced, and capable nurses to function at a high level.

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