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CST Jobs in Atlanta: Find Your Fit

Certified surgical technicians have to be skilled in a wide variety of duties, which include prep, tasks during the operation period, and post-op responsibilities. The assignments of CSTs are incredibly valuable to the function of hospitals and the health of patients. With the rising number of people in our community who need surgical procedures done, the demand for CSTs is increasing. Your skills of preparing and assisting in the OR are vital to healthcare providers, which is why we at PaShence Healthcare Solutions are committed to finding a CST job in Atlanta for you.

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At PaShence Healthcare Solutions, we value our ongoing relationships with WellStar Health System, Northside Hospital, Select Medical hospitals, and many other providers that are ready to put experienced medical professionals to work. In addition to our CST jobs in Atlanta connections, we take pride in putting professionals to work in the following positions:

PaShence Healthcare Solutions will give experienced professionals an opportunity to make an impact in their field. As a medical employment agency, the staff here at PaShence Healthcare Solutions has a passion and interest in finding the best candidates for the job and placing them in the role that they’ll best fill. With a practiced importance in friendliness, compassion, and professionalism, we aim to best assist by connecting medical professionals and providers so that our community has access to the most proficient, capable, and reliable healthcare available.

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Here at PaShence Healthcare Solutions, we understand the importance of valuable and qualified employees in the medical field. As a Faith-based and family-owned medical staffing agency in Atlanta, our main priority is finding your right fit in the medical field. Through customer service, existing relationships with reputable providers, and our commitment to giving the medical field the help it needs, count on PaShence Healthcare Solutions to help you find your CST position.

As members of the Georgia Staffing Association, the staff here at PaShence Healthcare Solutions is dedicated to finding experienced personnel to fill voids for healthcare providers. Since 2004, we have worked closely with professionals and providers so that our community is receiving the best healthcare possible. Through putting certified surgeon technicians and other professionals to work, we have become the most trusted medical staffing agency in Atlanta.

Help make a difference today. Connect with PaShence Healthcare Solutions to land your certified surgical technician job in Atlanta.

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